Bakkhai: The Mountain Less Travelled

It's Week Three of rehearsals for Bakkhai. As the company start to get into the mindset of the women who worship Dionysos, Assistant Director Jessica Edwards imagines what life would have been like on Mount Kithairon...


You wait until night falls.

You leave the city.

You take off your shoes and walk barefoot.

You feel the earth beneath your feet.

You climb.

You encounter others. They all look like you.

You feel alive.

You find the place you seek. 

Your body feels strong and powerful. You can do things you never imagined. You can run impossibly fast, your hands are impossibly strong. You feel glorious.

All your life, you have been told what to be, and where to go, and who you are. You don’t have a vote. Your choice is not free. You have to stay indoors and hide your body. You are not a citizen. 

Here, you are wild. Powerful. Brave. Free. You dance for hours. You feel amazing. 

You do something extraordinary. You have never been so happy. 

You come back to the city, triumphant. 

You want to tell everyone about what you've done. 

You run through the city, the blood rushing in your ears and your heart racing. There are no women in the city anywhere. 

You meet someone. You tell him all about the spectacular thing you have done. 

Something about the world outside and the world inside your head doesn't match up. The reality you were convinced of is beginning to fracture. You can no longer trust the evidence of your eyes. 

What do you do? 

Do you trust yourselfor what you are told? 


Bakkhai | 23 July - 19 September 2015 | Info & tickets