Before I Was A Bear Response by Young Critic Liam O'Dell

Fifteen Minutes of Shame

It’s too much to bear.

My fifteen minutes of shame

Up in suffocating smoke.

My private life, to the public, aired.

This is not what I think of when I hear ‘current affairs’.


They twist and break my words until I am at a loss

Out of characters.

Their behaviour monstrous, like vultures,

Reading between the lines

I am forced to write on social media’s blackboard

Only for my social soapbox scrubbed away,

My vocals silenced by the discord.


I close my open book to save face.
I am a twit.

And my gram weighs me down.

Heavier than ever before.

My online presence diminished to a broken record

As I apologise for the past.

I’m sorry.

But it’s not enough.

My words online mean both everything and anything,

Meaningless meaning

I am my own oxymoron.


In America they call it a cellphone,

The keys beneath mine aren’t enough to unlock me from my prison.

These anonymous viewers, proclaiming repulsion, are drawn to me.

My downfall is their entertainment.

A twenty-first century humiliation

To be made an example of.

Shame in fifteen minutes.

Before I am hung, drawn and quartered.


Then they move on…

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