Behind-The-Scenes At The Almeida Theatre

On #WorldTheatreDay 2020 we step behind the "wall" to look at what goes on backstage before, during and after performances.

Photographer Marc Brenner has worked with us over the last few years to capture what it takes to make a production, from technicians and stage managers to actors and costume supervisors, we celebrate the many people who make the shows run night after night.

Technical Rehearsals

Shipwreck TECH 1307 backstageShipwreck (2019)

The Writer BTS 177The Writer (2018)

Twilight Zone BTS 29The Twilight Zone (2017)

Warm Up

BONUS The Hunt BTS 15The Hunt (2019)

Albion REV BTS 169Albion (2020)

Shipwreck SHOW BTS 23Shipwreck (2019)

Dance Nation BTS 110Dance Nation (2018)

Machinal BTS 155Machinal (2018)

In The Dressing Room

Duchess of Malfi BTS 1561The Duchess of Malfi (2019)

Richard II
The Tragedy of King Richard the Second (2018)

Summer and Smoke BTS 100Summer and Smoke (2018)

Dance Nation BTS 1Dance Nation (2018)

Duchess of Malfi BTS 1493 HQThe Duchess of Malfi (2019)

The Props

Shipwreck SHOW BTS 1124 HQShipwreck (2019)

The Hunt BTS 446The Hunt (2019)

Twilight Zone BTS 5The Twilight Zone (2017)

Waiting In The Wings

Three Sisters BTS 311Three Sisters (2019)

Vassa BTS 285Vassa (2019)

Albion REV BTS 794Albion (2020)

Final Bows

The Hunt BTS 517The Hunt (2019)

Albion REV BTS 876
Albion (2020)

Thre Sisters BTS 431Three Sisters (2019)

Clean Up

Richard II ALM BTS 344
The Tragedy of King Richard the Second (2018)

Vassa BTS 2Vassa (2019)

Albion REV BTS 81Albion (2020)

Duchess of Malfi BTS 67The Duchess of Malfi (2019)

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