Bringin' It Up

Listen to the new Almeida Participation podcast Bringin’ It Up, inspired by the themes and ideas raised in Lolita Chakrabartis’s Hymn, particularly the conversations that take place between Black parents and their children.

We wanted to hear more of these intergenerational conversations. So we’ve been working with a group of young artists to explore what it means to be Black and British today through a series of conversations with their family members.

Line Break

Anastasia x Carmelita

Beth x Ade

Kiyah x Suzanne

Makai x Eric

Mia x Chanelle

Nevaeh x Patsy

Rivonia x Claire

Shamailah x Rhianne

Tina x Tendai



Creative Producer & Host
Abi Falase
Creative Associate Germma Orleans-Thompson
Producer Simon Stephens
Music Danny Michael

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