Crawling in the Dark Feedback

BY Almeida Theatre   April 11, 2011

Last week nearly 700 students from schools and colleages across London visited the Almeida Theatre to watch Crawling in the Dark. Crawling in the Dark was written by upcoming playwright Natalie Mitchell in response to The Knot of the Heart and was our 7th newly commissioned play for young people.

We could just tell you it was a great success, but even better, here are some reviews from the students that came to see it…

“Very amazing, it felt as almost as I was involved in a way. I immediately felt all the emotions that the actors presented through their body language and facial expressions. The set was awesome and very creative.”

“I thought the play was amazing. The characters were really believable and at one point I thought I was going to cry. I especially liked Michael Lewis as the character of Nathan.”

“Amazing play. I felt the emotion. I loved how the performance was setted out. Moving to different scenes was slick.”

“I thought the play was brilliant. All of the actors gave great performances. I believed all of the actors. I was really sucked into the story.”

“Brilliant storyline, very emotional / powerful. Amazing actors, very inspiring, love it 11/10.”

“I think the performance was great, all the actors stayed in role and they really inspired me to perform more.”

“Amazing. Never before have I cried for a live performance. Truly moving. I would definitely watch it again. 10/10!”

“I thought it was very moving and reached out to the audience. I cried a little! Excellent acting and stylization. Loved it!”

“I thought the play was amazing. And how all of the actors used their vocal skills / movements to create tension when needed. How the audience knew what the mother was doing without them saying.”