Dziady/Forefathers’ Eve

Watch our semi-staged reading of Dziady/Forefathers’ Eve, presented by Nastazja Domaradzka. This performance took place at the Almeida on 28 May 2021, as part of Six Artists in Search of a Play.

Polish political prisoner Gustav finds himself incarcerated for nationalistic activities against Tsar Alexander I. Through Part III of Dziady/Forefathers’ Eve, he is re-Christened as Konrad and transformed from the maudlin, self-absorbed lover, to the impassioned revolutionary, striving to bring his nation together and free his people from oppression.

Captions are available by selecting the 'Subtitles/Closed Captions' option in the video menu bar. An audio described version of the recording is available to watch here.

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Direction Nastazja Domaradzka
By Adam Mickiewicz
Translation Charles S. Kraszewski
Dramaturg Dr. Kasia Lech
Composer & Sound Designer Nicola Chang
Lighting Designer Fraser Craig

Edyta Budnik, Pamela Jikiemi, Danaja Wass, Kudzanayi Chiwawa, Michelle Barwood, Naomi Knox, and Pat Dynowska

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