Freelance Task Force

Created following an Open Letter signed by 160 arts organisations across the UK, the Freelance Task Force aims to strengthen the voice of freelancers and to advance the urgent issues affecting them.

The group is made up of sponsored representatives from each organisation that signed the open letter. The representatives from the Almeida are Dan Ayling, Valerie Isaiah Sadoh, Mariah Louca and Clare Perkins. To contact them please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The full list of representatives can be found here.

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August 2020 update from Valerie, Mariah, Clare & Dan:

Meetings have so far been with SOLT/UK Theatre, Equity, ACE, BECTU, IPSE, Creative Industries Federation, Freelancers Make Theatre Work, What Next?, The Future Group, Regional Producing Theatres, London Theatres Consortium, Arts Council Wales and Creative Scotland to name just a few.

Meetings are also taking place around particular regions (Scotland, Wales, London, North of England, South East) and topics including access, anti-racist actions, remaking the industry for freelancers, UBI/artists basic income, support for freelancers who have fallen through the gaps, safe working practices once theatres can re-open, how the government’s £1.57bn support for the industry should be administered to ensure freelancers benefit from it, and how we change industry practice after this period of closure.

Thinking about how this feeds into the Almeida specifically, we are working closely with Rupert and Denise to review all the Almeida’s policies as well as looking at how we position freelancers at heart of the organisation. So, with this in mind, we hope to create a short Almeida Freelancer Survey, in order that we can hear directly from you about your experiences of being a freelancer with the Almeida. This will allow us to gather Almeida specific information that will further inform our conversations and discussions going forward.

We welcome any and all further input from you, and you can reach us via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...