How to see Hamlet

BY Almeida Theatre   February 20, 2017

 If advance tickets for Hamlet have sold out, there are still ways you can see it before the run finishes on 15 April

Day Seats
A small number of Day Seats  will be available from 11am for that day's performance(s) from 1 March (excluding 10-13 April). Priority is given to those who queue  for them in person, but they will be available over the phone or via our website if there are more tickets than people in the queue. Each person waiting for Day Seats will be entitled to a maximum of two tickets.  Day Seats will not be available on Hamlet  for Free performances on  10 - 13 April.

If someone returns tickets to the Box Office they will become available to buy in person, online and over the phone. These can come back at any point throughout the day, so it is worth checking the website from time to time. It is also not unusual for a few tickets to become available just before a performance begins. If you are able to arrive early and queue, any returns will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

For performances between 10-13 April, the returns queue will be exclusively for audiences 25 and under as part of our Hamlet For Free festival.

Almeida Patrons can access house seats for sold out performances, subject to availability. Find out more here

Aged 25 and under?
Find out more about free tickets for events, workshops and more as part of our Hamlet for Free festival  here. A returns queue for free Under 25 tickets will be running for performances from 10-13 April. Find out more here.

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