Inside Rehearsals: Vassa

Go inside the rehearsals for Vassa and hear from some of the cast and creatives about what the production is about and what you can expect.


Video transcript:

Sophie Wu: The shit hits the fan in a fun but terrifying way.

Tinuke Craig: It's a play about people who are stuck together. It sort of highlights the sort of tension between a family when you have no choice but to spend time with each other.

Sophie: We've been using the reference of a family Christmas time when you're kind of all trapped in a house for an extended period of time.

Alexandra Dowling: Vassa is about a dysfunctional family who are sort of waiting for the patriarch to die.

Tinuke Craig: It's set just before a revolution so their lives are about to change but also the whole world they live in is about to change.

Sophie: They're a very toxic bunch, rotten to the core.

Kayla Meikle: This play is relevant today I think because people are always waiting to get what they want and this is what this family is doing.

Tinuke: I think there's something about the way that Mike writes where its rhythmic and it's fast.

Alexandra: Because the play is so vicious he brings his incredible acerbic wit.

Arthur Hughes: The characters in this play are all looking for their way out or their way up or their way somewhere.

Tinuke: It examines people who are desperate for change and desperate for some kind of revolution or upheaval to take place. We're all about to face, in lots of different ways, quite big disruptions and changes, and I think the beating heart of the play kinda reflects that.