BY Almeida Theatre   October 20, 2021

 In partnership with Factory 42 and Sky, the Almeida Theatre today announces Lost Origin, a new interactive, immersive adventure that fuses technology and performance and physical and digital worlds.

Situated at Hoxton Docks, Lost Origin is a mixed-reality experience in which participants explore parallel worlds in groups of six people, uncover vital evidence and discover intriguing secrets. You will join Wing 7, a secret undercover unit, working to covertly enter the headquarters of Origin, a warehouse in Hoxton, recently revealed to be a front for an illegal dark web marketplace.

The experience opens to audiences on Sunday 21 November 2021 for a limited run until Saturday 4 December 2021. The Creative Director is Dani Parr, the Almeida’s Director of Participation and Work for Young People.

Lost Origin is majority funded by UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Audience of the Future programme to explore new types of audience experiences. It is the final stage of the collaboration between Factory 42, the Almeida, Sky, Magic Leap and the University of Exeter. Previously, alongside the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, the partners created dinosaurs and robots themed mixed-reality experiences in the Metro centre in Gateshead and two augmented reality mobile fun learning apps for younger children.

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