New Season: Summer 2022

Hear from the creative teams behind our recently announced productions, Patriots and The Clinic.

Patriots, is a new play from creator of Netflix’s The Crown Peter Morgan (The Audience, Frost/Nixon), directed by Almeida Artistic Director Rupert Goold (Ink, Albion, Spring Awakening). BAFTA-winning actor Tom Hollander (The Night Manager, Travesties) returns to the Almeida to play Boris Berezovsky, the ‘kingmaker’ behind Vladimir Putin.

The Clinic by Dipo Baruwa-Etti (An unfinished man) is a fiercely political and lyrical play. Directed by Monique Touko (Fair Play), The Clinic is a tense and transfixing portrait of a woman with a hunger for change, a family on fire and how to rise from the ashes of a broken world.


Rupert Goold: I feel very excited about the shows. Two new plays, two world premieres. Urgent, important works, I think they speak to society today.

Peter Morgan: I'm Peter Morgan and I'm the writer of Patriots. Patriots is the story of Boris Berezovsky, a person of excessive humanity. All the failings of being human. And I think we're all living with the consequences of his mistakes now.

Rupert Goold: It looks at the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of oligarch culture in a way a secret history or a history that maybe we in the West know less about. But most fundamentally it is a study of power and corruption.

Peter Morgan: You're reminded again and again of how the micro personal can become the macro global.

Rupert Goold: As a director, the appeal is that it has a very cinematic feel in some ways. It really captures the essence of the kind of Wild West that was Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Dipo Baruwa-Etti: I'm Dipo Baruwa-Etti and I wrote The Clinic. The Clinic is about a woman who, overwhelmed by the weight of activism, decides that she wants to end her life and she wants someone to assist her with it. But this woman she goes to welcomes her into her family home instead.

Monique Touko: The family completely take her in, and through their interactions with her you are exposed to the cracks within the family.

Dipo Baruwa-Etti: And one of the big questions for me was, if you're a Black person with wealth, how can you help people that are not as privileged as you are? Because I'm really interested in intra-racial conflicts rather than interracial conflicts.

Monique Touko: It's about activism, it's about the NHS, it's about the police system, it's about politics, it's about love, it's about celebration. There's an abstract slant to Dipo's writing which I'm really excited in teasing out and the audience to go on experience.

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