Nothing of the ordinary

In the first of our series of blogs from the 2018/19 Almeida Young Companies, Rwan Asde describes what it's like to be involved with a theatre for the first time.

My experience with Almeida Theatre has been nothing of the ordinary. As someone who had no experience with auditions, productions and the theatre environment in general, I have now grown to love the space Almeida Theatre has created.

A vivid memory of the entire process was when I was accepted for a first audition. I distinctively recall how ecstatic I was because I was given a chance to express and represent myself and yet with this burst of excitement came fear and heaps of doubt. As someone who had never been to an audition before, I expected harsh criticism for everything, intimidating people glaring and analysing my every move and as I boarded the train, I began worrying about this unknown.

With this dark, serious image in my head, I walk into the room and I was pleasantly surprised. It was nothing like I had imagined.

From the very first step within the room, I heard laughter and saw everyone, once strangers just a few minutes ago, talking casually and excited for the time ahead. We were all told from the very beginning that our talent wasn’t determined by these auditions and we should all just have fun. And that’s exactly what I have had from that very moment.

Both auditions consisted of games and enjoyable challenges and everyone was truly themselves. There were no restrictions on what we could and couldn’t say and no one had to be orderly and serious. We all had free reign over our self-expression and that’s what I’ve come to cherish the most about Almeida Theatre’s Young Company. Every opinion and concept is listened to and never disregarded by the staff. In fact, it is the ideas of the young people that build the company’s foundation.

For these reasons, when I got the phone call saying I was accepted I was over the moon. I couldn’t wait for my first session and I wasn’t disappointed as the relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude from the auditions were carried through. On the first session we played several games to get to know the people we would be working with for the entire year and on the second session we brainstormed our project ideas. This is where the teamwork, respect and passion from everyone in the company really came into play.

It has ben such a small amount of time, yet I am so accustomed and relaxed in the Young Company. I expect nothing but the best in the year ahead and honestly can’t wait to explore new things, challenge my acting abilities and push the Young Company’s creative vision forward. I am honestly so grateful to be apart of this experience in which diversity and creativity is embraced and can’t wait for what the future entails!

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