Shipwreck Photo Series

Photographer Marc Brenner followed Shipwreck from rehearsals, through tech, to the performances on stage, here's what he captured...


Shipwreck REH 1350

The Shipwreck Company

Shipwreck REH 511 Shipwreck REH 62
Fisayo Akinade in rehearsals Director Rupert Goold

Shipwreck REH 233

Tara Fitzgerald in rehearsals


The auditorium is re-configured and Miriam Buether’s set design is constructed in the theatre.

Shipwreck BUILD 6

Shipwreck BUILD 144

Shipwreck BUILD 119


The remaining creative elements are added to the production including lighting, sound and costume.

Shipwreck TECH 1293 

Shipwreck TECH 1204

Elliot Cowan

Shipwreck TECH 330

Khalid Abdalla, Director Rupert Goold and Risteárd Cooper

Shipwreck TECH 1049


Shipwreck TECH 97

Khalid Abdalla

Shipwreck TECH 1365

The Shipwreck Company

Shipwreck PROD 8263

Tara Fitgerald

Shipwreck PROD 8108


A look behind-the-scenes during a performance at the actors warming-up and getting ready and the quick-fire costume changes during the show.

Justine Mitchell | Shipwreck

 Justine Mitchell

Fisayo Akinade | Shipwreck

 Fisayo Akinade

Khalid Abdalla | Shipwreck

 Khalid Abdalla

Elliot Cowan | Shipwreck

Elliot Cowan