Thank You From The Artistic Director

BY Almeida Theatre   March 24, 2020

We're extraordinarily grateful for every donation and every message of support we've received since the unprecedented closing of the theatre last week.

Rupert Goold, the Almeida's Artistic Director, wanted to thank you and give you an update on what's happened in the past seven days.

Each and every donation we receive is vital in helping us to support our staff and artists during this time as we weather the upcoming months. With your help, we look forward to being able to throw our doors open again and return stronger than ever.

If you're able to, and would like to support the Almeida during this time then you can donate here, or become a member here.

Line BreakVideo Transcription

Hi, this is Rupert Goold, Artistic Director of the Almeida Theatre, and welcome to the new normal: theatre from a bedroom.

It's been a bewildering week, I'm sure for all of you, but particularly for us at the theatre. It feels like only yesterday we were getting ready to open a new show, and suddenly we're all at home. And I'm speaking to you like this to say the Almeida will be back.

We've had such an overwhelming response from our friends and supporters over this time. People have been so generous about their tickets being cancelled, often giving up the value of them to us to help us through, and God knows we will be more reliant on our supporters and friends, and our loyal, loyal audience than ever over these coming months. Partly through their support but also just in their belief in us.

We at the theatre are completely committed to the staff to keep them going through this time, supporting them, to as far as possible as well our freelancers, all the wonderful artists who work with us or preparing to do work with us. It's a huge community at the Almeida, a very meaningful community, and we fully intend to keep it alive, energised, and supported through this closure.

We have so many fantastic shows for you lined up, and it's so frustrating not to be able to give you them on schedule. Everything we planned we are going to deliver. All the things you don't even know about are still going to come. But we're going to need you to be there for us, as you always have been, and I know you will be in the future

I hope this time gives us a time of reflection to really reconnect with the value of live theatre: why we do it, why we go to it, what it means to come together as a community to tell stories about the world we live in - God we need that now. And make sense of ourselves and remind us that we're better together, that we are social creatures who exist through the thrill of performance and the understanding of shared narrative.

Theatre is such an up close and personal experience, whether you're in the rehearsal room, whether you're in the lighting box, backstage, and of course particularly at the Almeida where you have that amazing intimacy performer-to-audience member between you all in the room. And we hope that you're going to feel even more passionate about that experience at our theatre when we come back. And we will be back soon.

So please all take care of yourselves and we look forward to welcoming you back.