The Duchess of Malfi photoshoot

Go behind the scenes on The Duchess of Malfi photoshoot to hear about the upcoming production from Almeida Associate Director Rebecca Frecknall and Lydia Wilson.

Rebecca Frecknall follows her Olivier Award-winning production of Summer and Smoke and Three Sisters with John Webster’s electrifying revenge tragedy about rage, resistance and a deadly lust for power.


Video transcript:

Rebecca Frecknall: We are at Nadav Kander's photography studio, and we are photographing Lydia Wilson for the poster image for The Duchess of Malfi. The inspiration for the poster image came from the design ideas around the production. We've been looking at the juxtaposition of beauty and violence in the play.

Lydia Wilson: The play surprised me in that it's more poetic than violent. John Webster has a bit of a reputation, I suppose for being blood and gore and more in a sort of Tarantino world of dramatists. But actually, there's something about this play that is a lot more beautiful and compassionate, I think.

Rebecca Frecknall: I was really struck by how politically relevant it felt and the sort of scary resonance of a play that's about a political family in power and the corruptive nature of power.

Lydia Wilson: There is some poetry in this play that I'm really excited for people to hear. When I read her, I just thought she's an amazing character — she's surprising and she's extremely charismatic. Lines that are just kind of life-enhancingly wise and brilliant and beautiful which really surprised me when I read it.

Rebecca Frecknall: I'm so excited that Lydia's playing this part! I just think that she's a fearless actress and I think she's going to be really exciting.