Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Watch our semi-staged reading of Name, Place, Animal, Thing, presented by Atri Banerjee. This performance took place at the Almeida on 2 June 2021, as part of Six Artists in Search of a Play.

Since arriving in the city, Nancy has been housed, clothed, fed and educated by the middle-class Maliks. But, there is a difference between being ‘like one of the family’ and being family and Nancy’s ambitions reach beyond the limited horizon of a female domestic worker.

Captions are available by selecting the 'Subtitles/Closed Captions' option in the video menu bar. An audio described version of the recording is available to watch here.

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Direction Atri Banerjee
By Annie Zaidi
Composer & Musician Arun Ghosh
Lighting Designer Fraser Craig
Casting Director Nadine Rennie

Azan Ahmed, Anushka Chakravarti, Amerjit Deu, Ambreen Razia, Saroja-Lily Ratnavel, Zubin Varla, Ragevan Vasan, and Nina Wadia.

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