13 May 2019 - 13 May 2019

Almeida Questions: Three Sisters

A Woman's Place

Tickets £5

Free to those aged 25 and under (limited to 2 per person)

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"I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfil my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life." – Hillary Clinton.

What does Google suggest if you type ‘a woman’s place is…’ into the search engine?

  1. In the home
  2. In the kitchen
  3. In a relationship
  4. In the resistance
  5. In the revolution

What is a woman’s place in 2019? Is it either domestic or anarchic? Is there no in-between? Does modern day feminism discourage or punish domesticity in women? What does a woman’s place look like in the future?

This Almeida Questions panel debates the role of women in modern society.

Almeida Questions is an eclectic programme of pre-show discussions which consider some of the questions raised by the work on our stage. In each discussion, invited panellists dig into the key issues and ideas emerging from the show.

Dates & Tickets

Mon 13 May
6pm - 6.45pm

Free to those aged 25 and under. Enter the promo code AQ25 to book.  

Helen Lewis is Associate Editor of the New Statesman, and a regular presenter of the BBC’s Week in Westminster. Her first book, DIFFICULT WOMEN, will be out in February 2020

Cast & Creatives

The panel includes:
Helen Lewis
Dr Alice Evans
Eleanor Penny
Naz Shah MP

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