21 May 2017 - 21 May 2017

Almeida Academy

Academy Double Bill

Directed By Jordana Golbourn

Free for those aged 16 and under

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The Academy Double Bill consists of two playful, curious, brain-busting pieces of theatre that ask you to join us on two earth-defying adventures.  

Director: Jordana Golbourn
Writer: Phil Porter
Assistant Director: Sophie Lucraft-Mee
Cast: 5-7’s and 8-10’s Academy Groups

We are the Genius Chorus- a collection of the finest minds in all the universe.

We invite you to join us at our annual celebration to commend the work of a new genius and invite them to join our troupe. This year we honour Professor Harebrain who built a space shuttle to go to Mars.  Join us as we follow his journey to find the best all-rounder to fly it in a brand new contest that will test the competitors to the limit. 

An Average Trip to Mars
Director: Jordana Golbourn
Writer: Christopher Elmer-Gorry in collaboration with Almeida Academy participants
Assistant Director: Sophie Lucraft-Mee
Cast: 11- 14’s Academy Group

What happens when earth no longer needs the Distinctly Average?

Mars One missions is ready for their first batch of young people to help balance the already established Mars One Community. But this community doesn't need the high achievers or the imperfect. It needs a cross section of young people who are Distinctly Average. No one to challenge or drag down the status quo.

A group of successful young applicants are on their way to a new life. Where they will build a community which would be impossible on earth. But when you put all of the Distinctly Average together, do they stay Average- or does another hierarchy emerge?

Exploring the ideas of perfection and our quest for success, this new play has been developed by Almeida Academy participants. 

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Sun 21 May