07 Jul 2019 - 07 Jul 2019

Academy Double Bill

Tickets £10 (£5 concs)
The Pleasance Theatre

production information

Over the past few months the Almeida Academy have been working towards their end of year performances. Collaborating with writers Emma Pritchard and Sam Gayton, the two shows Pirate Queen and Scouts vs. Zombies, showcase the skills learnt throughout the year at Academy.

Pirate Queen by Emma Pritchard
In 1593 the two most powerful women in the British Isles came face to face for the first time.One of them was Queen Elizabeth I of England. The other was legendary Irish pirate queen Grace O’Malley.History says they were enemies. Rumour has it they became friends.Inspired by this real event, re-imagines the stories of Grace and Elizabeth, in an adventure play about pirates, palaces, war… and peas.

Scouts vs. Zombies by Sam Gayton
Welcome to Islington 4th Scout troop’s annual jamboree! There’ll be reef-knots, and camp fires, and a bad fart in the tent that everyone will blame on everyone else, and absolutely no phone reception. Just like last year, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong...

Which of the scouts will be prepared for what comes next?

Dates & Tickets

Sun 7 Jul

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Wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility
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Emma is a writer, performer and improviser. She is currently a writer on the renowned 4Screenwriting Programme. Recent theatre credits include Armour (Vault Festival 2019, sell-out show), The Guardians (Almeida Academy, 2018) and Split (Brighton Fringe, Leatherhead Theatre and Vault Festival 2018 – winner of Festival Spirit Award.) She is Resident Playwright at Caspa Arts and trained in long-form improvisation at The Free Association, where she now performs on a house team, The Millicent Tendrils Experience. Although Emma hates confrontation and gets seasick, she likes the idea of being a pirate in another life, purely because it seems less likely she’d get hay fever in the middle of the ocean.

Additional information

Performances take place at
The Pleasance Theatre
Carpenters Mews
North Road
London N7 9EF

Cast & Creatives

Pirate Queen
Emma Pritchard
Director Jordana Golbourn
Designer Kate Bunce
Assistant Director Sarah Stallwood-Hall

King Henry VII Dylan Carr
Young Elizabeth Coco Goold
Summer Jones-Bloss
Queen Elizabeth Anoushka Sitkey
Elizabeth I Anna Tiresman
Royal Messenger Niccolo Galleni
Royal Advisor James Clough
Royal Staff
Aleyna Paul
Isobella Halls
Lydia Clough
Sophie Stephens
Esther Brennan
Benji Hunter
Florence McDermott

Owen O’Malley
Guy Beale
Young Grace Orla Earnshaw
Grace-in-training Imogen Abel
The Pirate Queen Amara Lyla Clarke
Grace O’Malley Aphra Jacobs-Clark
Pirate Messenger Bobbi Robinson
Professor Piracy 1 Hope Lubaki
Professor Piracy 2 Ellen Polonsky
Pirate Radio Host Saffron McDermott
Pirate Rock Band Leader Manisha Thomas

Pirate Students and Rock Band
Alba Llyod-Prieto
Alexander Scott-Mirabel
Dylan Sitkey
Elsie McCarney
Ezra Mulat
Hamza Peker
Manisha Thomas
Grace Mulat
Tilly McCarney
Edith Whitehead

Beau Swinton
Frankie Woods-Moore
Sophia Kent
Laura Stephens

Scouts vs. Zombies
Writer Sam Gayton
Jordana Golbourn
Designer Kate Bunce
Assistant Director Sarah Stallwood-Hall

Tiffin Traisbach Esther Ramsay
Ross Stradarmus Joseph Wilsher
Nell Stradarmus Nina Hijano
Belladonna Hex Fauve Woods-Moore
Daisy Belle Sasha Wallace
Hardy Tartigrade Dylan Ingram
Juno Whati'mtalkinbout Beatrix Horn
Bobbi St. John Zsa Zsa Scior-Lewis
Ant Slate Fergus Hebbert
Trevor Dingleberry Thomas Sykes
Aurora Smith Edith Coleman
Will Phlegm Ned Mulready-Jones
Gemma Courage Millie Mclean
Jason Courage Sacha Hunter
Titania Stratford Molly Hebbert
Dan Scully Rafe Beale
Lucy Mizzog Teoma Mercadini
Clive Shrimp Nicolas Gowing
Sammy Brownback Oliver Sykes
Mary-Kate Puddle Madeline Spitzer
Stevie Biggs Eliza Darrach
Derek Snide Alexander Hyland
Lola Zoinks Faith Zammit
Ellie Fregula Alinda Petek
Gary Kibble Marco Butler-Arango