25 Feb 2019 - 25 Feb 2019

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"You're Cancelled"


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Sparked by a shocking revelation from the play, a conversation sparked by young political views, this session will explore the tantalising possibility of ‘cancelling’ those we disagree with. Inspired by the twists and turns of Shipwreck, a panel of 16-25 year olds explore Cancel Culture - the movement of deleting those who speak against us. Who would you cancel?

Delve into a discussion of the benefits and downfalls of cancel culture – Who would you like to be rid of – from that kid in your class to the man in the white house - would it be better if they just went away?

Would it be best just to cancel it all? Would it really? They will explore cultivating your opinions and the possibility of cooperating with those who share different views.

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Mon 25 Feb