07 Sep 2017 - 07 Sep 2017

Almeida Questions

Brutal Truths

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Where does violence begin and end? Is violence always an action - or can it also be just a thought? Where are we failing to look for insights into our destructiveness? This Almeida Questions panel comes together to discuss how we experience violence in modern society and how our thoughts and actions shed light on our own violence. 

Vivienne Jabri, Professor of International Politics at King's College, Stephen Bottoms, Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at the University of Manchester and Cleo Van Velsen, Consultant Psychiatrist in Forensic Psychotherapy join a discussion chaired by the broadcaster, Guardian columnist and priest Giles Fraser.

Almeida Questions is an eclectic programme of pre-show discussions which consider some of the questions raised by the work on our stage. In each discussion, invited panellists dig into the key issues and ideas emerging from the show.

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Thu 7 Sep 

Free to those aged 25 and under. Log in and enter the promo code UNDER25 when booking. 

Vivienne is Professor of International Politics and Coordinator of the Research Centre for International Relations at King's College London. She joined King’s in 2003, having previously lectured at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Kent.

Her research explores understandings of conflict, violence and security practices. Recently she has written on the nexus between international politics and war, specifically how war and interventionist practices relate to sovereignty, political community, subjectivity, the international politics of culture and race, and the political/juridical structure of the international. Her current research and writing focus on the theorisation of violence, the relationship between violence and the everyday, and how we might understand responses to violence through conceptions of cosmopolitan political community in a globalised world.