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21 Jan 2019 - 21 Jan 2019

Almeida Questions

Me, My Selfie and I

The Tragedy of King Richard The Second

Tickets £5

Free to those aged 25 and under (limited to 2 per person)

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“Give me the glass, and therein will I read”- Richard II, Act IV, Scene I

“In the last 10 years, we have seen a rise in selfishness: selfies, self-absorbed people, superficiality, self-degradation, apathy, and self-destruction. So I challenge all of you to take initiative to change this programming. Instead of celebrating the ego, let's flip the script and celebrate the heart. Let's put the ego and celebrity culture to sleep, and awaken the conscience. This is the battle we must all fight together to win back our humanity. To save our future and our children.” - Suzy Kassem  

Where has the rise of the selfie come from? Has it created a nation of narcissists? Does taking selfies automatically make you self-obsessed? Are selfies producing a world of individuals instead of communities? Do selfies boost esteem or trash it? Are selfies a phase - or is this the future?

Inspired by Shakespeare’s most narcissistic royal, this Almeida Questions panel interrogates the age of self-obsession and the consequences of having mirrors at our fingertips.

Almeida Questions is an eclectic programme of pre-show discussions which consider some of the questions raised by the work on our stage. In each discussion, invited panellists dig into the key issues and ideas emerging from the show.

Dates & Tickets

Mon 21 Jan

Free to those aged 25 and under. Log in and enter the promo code UNDER25 when booking (limited to 2 per person)

Cast & Creatives

Panellists to be announced.