Writing The Climate: The Plays

The following plays were created by a group of Young Activists following a masterclass with Playwright Evan Placey. These premiered as part of the Shifting Tides festival.

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Whaddya Mean XR

By Kieton Saunders-Browne

Jake is met with XR protestors on the way home.

Director: Abi Falase
Jake: Edward Lees

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In Waiting for the Hangman’s Noose

By Chad Nickson

A man is sentenced to death for protesting against Shell in Nigeria

Director: Abi Falase
Abiola: Mohamed Bangura

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Tuesday’s Surprise Livestream

By Joanna Woznicka

Travel vlogger Mike goes live.

Director: Abi Falase
Mike: Patrick Ashe

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By Anna Pryce

London has flooded, Brits are now refugees in France.

Director: Abi Falase
Boy: Aubrey Newman

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What We Tell Our Children

By Kc Gardiner

Mr A tries to help Jo with her eco anxiety

Director: Abi Falase
Jo: Kirsty Williamson
Mr A: Douglas Clark

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Time Machines

By Luke Dunne

Centuries in the future, climate change has left many in a post-traumatic state.

Director: Abi Falase
Miss: Helena Whitfield

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A Fire is Burning

By Brogen Campbell

Saira desperately wants to go on holiday.

Director: Abi Falase
Saira: Iman Boujelouah
Eve: Anna Rawlings
Emily: Josie Charles


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