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A front of house assistant is seen from behind, their t-shirt reads: Almeida Theatre.

Working at the Almeida

Current Opportunities

The Almeida Theatre is an equal opportunities employer and our aim is to create a diverse and inclusive working environment which reflects the city we live and work in and the communities and audiences that we engage with. The recruitment process is open to all. We are especially interested in hearing from candidates who are ethnically diverse, deaf and disabled, neurodivergent or working class as we want our team and our work to be informed and representative of the diverse community it serves.

Please note we do not accept unsolicited CV’s. Please look below for details on how to apply for roles.

Production Assistant

The Almeida Theatre is seeking Production Assistant. This post is offered on a Fixed-Term 18-month contract.

We are looking for a Production Assistant to support the work of the Almeida Production Department in planning and Delivering all productions and to assist the smooth running of the department on a day-to-day basis.

Application deadline: 9AM, Friday 12th July 2024
Interviews will take place: w/c 22nd July 2024

To find out more, please download the job description via the link below.

  • Production Assistant Job Description (Word) (PDF)

To apply, please click on the link: APPLY HERE and follow the application instructions.
If you have any issues with the link or filling out the form, please contact us at:

To find out why it’s important that you complete our Equal Opportunities form, you may find this Stonewall leaflet, What’s it got to do with you? useful.

Stage Management Student Placement (Closed)

Applications for Stage Management Student Placements are currently closed. Please keep an eye on this page for when they re-open.

Technical Placements (Closed)

Applications for Technical Placements are currently closed. Please keep an eye on this page for when they re-open.

On this placement you can expect to assist the technical team with lighting, sound and scenery. There may be the possibility to specialise in an area depending on the nature of the show. Usually three weeks, aiming to encompass the production period of each show, 39 hours per week which may include evenings and weekends. 

How do we recruit?

We work hard to ensure our recruitment practices are as fair and inclusive as possible. We welcome any suggestions or ideas on how this can be improved further. You can email these to Please note any feedback provided will have no impact on any current or future recruitment applications.

Below we have provided information about how we recruit in a fair and inclusive way.

Why do you use application forms?

We use them to ensure everyone provides the relevant information in the same format. This helps us eliminate any unconscious biases that can be associated with CVs and covering letters.

Will my references be contacted if I apply?

Your references will usually not be contacted unless we offer you the role, and you have confirmed you are happy for us to do so. However, they may be contacted after interview if you have indicated on the application that this is ok, again we will check this with you first.

Why do you need me to complete an Equal Opportunities Form?

This form is vital to help ensure we are reaching as diverse field of candidates as possible. Your Equal Opportunities Form is not seen by the hiring panel. This Stonewall leaflet helps to explain why this data is so important and how it’s used.

How long is my application kept?

All applications are kept for six months, or 12 months if you reach the interview stage.

How can I find out more information about a vacancy?

If you require further details about a role, please contact us at: Please note that we do not accept unsolicited CVs.

How are applicants shortlisted for interview?

Recruiting managers are required to shortlist candidates with at least one other person to provide a different perspective and reduce the possibility of unconscious bias. When shortlisting, candidates are compared to the person specification, and not to each other.

Managers are also encouraged to blind shortlist, whereby any personal details are removed from the application and to shortlist as many people as they reasonably can. The shortlist should also be reflective of the percentage of minority candidates as have applied. For example if 20% of applicants are from an ethnically diverse background, this should be reflected in the interview shortlist.

Candidates who declare themselves as Deaf, disabled or from an ethnic minority background in their Equal Opportunities Form are guaranteed an interview if they meet the essential criteria within the person specification.

When will I know if I’m invited to interview?

We aim to give candidates invited to interview at least five days’ notice. If you need any support or adjustments to enable you to attend, please don’t hesitate to ask. For example, this might be that you need an early or late appointment time to fit around work, or that you need financial assistance to pay your train fare.

Who will the interview be with?

We aim to let you know who you’ll be meeting with when offering the invite to interview. They are usually conducted with the recruiting manager and at least one other person to counter unconscious bias and to give an alternative perspective. In second round interviews, the additional panel member should be different to the first round.

What type of questions will be in the interview?

Questions will relate to the job description and person specification. You will be asked the same questions in the first interview as the other candidates, but it is expected that there will also be a tailored discussion around these questions to get a better understanding of your skills and experiences. You will never be asked for personal information, such as age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Can I ask my own questions about the role?

Absolutely, and we would encourage you to come prepared with two or three questions.

Do you hold group interviews?

Yes, we hold them for the first round of some entry level roles, including internships, as they allows us to meet a larger range of candidates. These interviews are not intended to be competitive but to see how you respond to a range of scenarios. To ensure everyone is assessed fairly, there will be three to four Almeida staff present.

If you feel that a group interview really isn’t for you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you in an individual interview instead. Please be aware though that we can’t guarantee this for every role.

How are job offers made to the successful individual?

The line manager or a member of the General Management team will usually contact the successful applicant by phone. This will be followed up with a formal offer email. References will not be consulted until the candidate has confirmed that they have accepted the offer, given notice and are happy for the recruiting manager to contact their referees.

Do you offer feedback on unsuccessful applications?

Managers are asked to keep notes on why someone was or wasn’t selected so this can be supplied as feedback if requested by the applicant. However, we are unable to always provide feedback due to the large volume of applications we receive for some roles. All notes are kept for 12 months.