Albion: Production Clip

Watch a clip of Victoria Hamilton and Daisy Edgar-Jones in our 2020 production of Albion.


AUDREY: Sorry this is all happening. Last thing you want, you need stability.

ZARA: We’ll have it in a couple of days. Back on home turf. Not the same house but all our old friends, the old places. It’ll be so good to be back.

AUDREY: Renting.

ZARA: Only till you find the right place.

AUDREY: I dreamt of dying in this garden. An old woman, surrounded by grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the sunlight on my face. I’d just go, and no one would realise for a while. That’s how peaceful it would be. And now…well…

ZARA: You’re a long way off that.

AUDREY: No. I’m not. Not really.

Have you heard anything from her?


AUDREY: Why did you do it?

ZARA: She wouldn’t return my calls. My emails. Texts. And I had to speak to her.


ZARA: It didn’t make sense. We were close. Everything was good. And then suddenly she went cold.

AUDREY: She gets scared of stability. Relationships.

ZARA: But I was different.

AUDREY: She didn’t talk to you about it?

ZARA: As the weeks went past, I realized the reason she didn’t want me contacting her was that I’m an embarrassment. The number of important people in the literary world I met as her girlfriend…

I must’ve looked so stupid. I’ll always be that idiot girl on her arm.

AUDREY: Until you do something more important.

ZARA: Not very likely. My writing’s childish. When they thought I was her girlfriend, they were all complimentary – the agents, publishers. Now the words got out it’s over. They’ll probably not return my calls even.

Especially after what I did.

AUDREY: Tell me.

ZARA: You know.

AUDREY: I know it was coffee.

ZARA: Well that’s it really. She was half-way through a reading, and I walked to the front and just threw this large cup of coffee over her, and shouted that she was the opposite of everything she professed. She was cruel, and she hated women, she hated people, she was loathsome and selfish I shouted and shouted – I was crying – I had to be lead away…

It was in the news the next day. They called me an ex-lover. “Lover”. That tone they use when it’s the same sex. Like arguments and violence is inevitable.

You put my name into Google, pictures come up of me shouting on that day. The whole story. Can’t remove it. That’s me forever. I look mentally ill.

Maybe I am.

AUDREY: You’re not ill. Just young.

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