American Friends

The Almeida Theatre is grateful to the numerous individuals based in the United States who generously support the theatre and join us for celebration events when our productions transfer to the US.

We provide a personalised service for all our US donors - we are happy to arrange tickets for forthcoming productions and to provide details of any Supporters' Evenings that may coincide with planned visits to London.

If you are an American taxpayer and would like to make a donation in dollars, we are able to forward payment to our American Friends of the Almeida Theatre office. This enables you to make contributions to our theatre, while still enjoying the appropriate tax deductions as prescribed by US law, along with all the benefits of Almeida Theatre Membership. 

To make your donation tax-effective as a US tax payer, donations must be made by cheque and should be made payable to The American Friends of the Almeida Theatre. 

The American Friends of the Almeida Theatre, Inc is a non-profit corporation qualified under International Revenue Code 501 (c)(3). Donations to it are deductible to the full extent of the law.