Blind & Partially Sighted


Assistance dogs are welcome in the auditorium, please request an aisle seat when you book. Alternatively, our staff are happy to dog-sit for you. 


Audio Description gives information on the visual elements of a production. The description is delivered live, in-between dialogue and picked up through headsets, giving access to audiences with sight-loss. An audio introduction CD is sent out in advance, and a Touch Tour before the performance allows the audience to explore the set and costumes and meet the cast. 

Large Print and audio brochures are available. For more details on visiting the Almeida please listen to our venue access guide. 

Listen: Spring 2017 Season information, April - September 2017 
Listen: Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Season information, October 2017 - April 2018


Saturday 11 November - 2.30pm
(Touch Tour at 12.45pm)

The Twilight Zone
Saturday 13 January - 2.30pm
(Touch Tour 12.45pm)

Summer and Smoke

Saturday 24 March - 2.30pm
(Touch Tour at 12.45pm)

With thanks to VocalEyes.


Touch Tour Gallery

Touch Tour Gallery

Touch Tour Gallery

Touch Tour Gallery

Touch Tour Gallery