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Two actors are stood in front of several others. They are all wearing hi-vis bin collector uniforms. One of the people at the front has a dressing gown and shower cap on top of their uniform.


We are excited to meet people who live and work in Islington who may not have been to the Almeida before or may not have considered taking part in one of our projects before.

Community Play Trilogy

This ambitious trilogy of productions, taking place over three years, will bring together professional creatives, local artists and community performers to explore what it means to live, work, love, pray, celebrate and mourn in Islington through a day, a lifetime, and countless millennia.

The project is being told in three productions 24 (Day), 81 (Life) and 1000 (Millennia), from Summer 2023 to Summer 2025.

The first of these productions, 24 (Day), took place in August 2023. The production invited the audience on a riotous road-trip to explore the hidden life of Islington from dawn to dusk. From Arsenal football stands to Rowans bowling alley, we joined seventy-year-old carer Liz as she ran, bowled, danced and crowd surfed around Islington and away from the conversation she needed to have with her grandson. Find out more.

81 (Life) will celebrate Islington’s global diaspora communities through the rituals that mark the rites of passage in a human lifetime, capturing the infinite identities and experiences of people who are born, live, work, love, build families, die, and are remembered in our borough.

1000 (Millennia) will journey deep into our borough’s history and reach far into our future to construct an imaginative, mythic Islington – an origin story for how we got here and a vision for our future.

More information about 81 (Life) taking place in 2024 and 1000 (Millennia) taking place in 2025 will be announced soon.

If you want more information about how to get involved, email or call 0207 288 4917

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