Legacy Giving


Leaving a Gift to the Almeida in your Will is a special way of ensuring that the theatre you love continues to thrive for generations to come. Legacies help us support British theatre’s future talent, allowing writers, directors, actors and designers to achieve excellence on the Almeida stage and inspiring audiences of the future. 

A gift to the Almeida, however big or small, will help the theatre to continue as an important part of the Islington community, reaching out to the whole of London and to the world stage.

Please do contact us if you have decided to include the Almeida Theatre in your Will as we would like to be able to thank you for your generosity. There is no need to give us details of your gift - all information will be treated in confidence. If you are ready to include the Almeida in your Will please use our registered charity number 282167.

For more information contact Ryan Nicolussi on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 020 7288 4936.