04 Jun 2017 - 05 Jun 2017

The Treatment Community Company

Lovely Ugly City

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Twenty-four Londoners gather on stage to tell stories of their city. A city where happiness costs the earth. Where no one ever looks up. Where strangers step forward when you need help the most. Is London a city of open doors, or a party you're not on the guest list for? Let's find out.

Lovely Ugly City is devised by the Community Company of The Treatment, in collaboration with director Jo Tyabji, writer Isley Lynn and movement director Rose Ryan

Dates & Tickets

Sun 4 Jun 6pm
Mon 5 Jun 5.30pm


Where in London do you feel most at home?
South East London. I was born and raised there with my family from my Mum and Dad's side.

Tell us about a place in London that is special to you.
There is a park my Dad used to take me to when I was younger. It brings a nice freshening feel when I look back or go past it

Additional information

The running time is approximately 45 minutes.

Cast & Creatives

Omari Biriye
Tony Blain
Fumilayo Brown-Olateju
Sally Charlton
Justin Feltham
Sarita  Gabony
Mohsen Gaffari
Jey Jeyakumar
Aida Krnic
Victor Lamb
Jess Nesling
Sheila McCabe
Chris McGoldrick
Wendy McNeilly
Reece Miller
Sharita Oomeer
Drew Paterson
Julian Patten
Rhian Roberts
Anna Rolfe
Stephen Rooney
Akshay Sharan
Fiona White

Director Jo Tyabji
Writer Isley Lynn
Assistant Director Bethany Kapila
Movement Director Rose Ryan
Composition Ellie Showering