09 Jul 2017 - 16 Jul 2017

Young Company Double Bill

Bait / Stacked

Tickets £5
Free to those aged 25 and under 

production information

Almeida Young Company present a double bill of shows created and devised by the companys and director Beth Shouler. Exploring the world we live in Bait and Stacked provide an insight into the lives of our young company and their thoughts and views on the world. 

Created by the 14 – 18s Young Company
Directed by Beth Shouler

Be good, be beautiful, be clever, be fit, be healthy, be a leader, be popular, be successful.
Fulfil your potential.
Record it. Prove it.
Do not buckle under the pressure...
They buckled.

On a drizzly Monday when it all got a bit much they met.
And got creative. 

Created by the 18 – 25s Young Company
Directed by Beth Shouler

You find a room. You watch tele and order take aways. You buy Ikea furniture or nick bits off your gran and make cleaning rotas. You become best friends with your housemates. You move in with your girlfriend. You work entry level jobs in solicitors offices doing data entry. You take on extra jobs. You have parties and arguments. You fall in love. You fall out of love. You have pregnancy scares and bouts of flu. And the space gets smaller as more people move in. You discover music and culture. You discover passive aggression and people who steal your posh yoghurts. You discover political difference. You discover the values you grew up with clash with your housemates. You get lonely. You stop eating. You overeat. You volunteer in the community. You pay vast amounts of rent. You get into debt. You host monopoly nights and get the giggles drinking cheap wine. And you must document the joy on social media and hide the scary sad bits from everybody. You'll be fine. You'll be fine. You'll be fine.

You're twenty-something.

The world is your oyster.

The streets are paved with gold.

You can smell opportunity in the air along with diesel fumes and fried chicken.

You've found a room in London. Your adult life begins.

Dates & Tickets

Sun 9 Jul 6pm
Sun 16 Jul 2.30pm

Free to those aged 25 and under. Enter the promo code UNDER25 when booking. 

Cast & Creatives

Savannah Acquah Storey
Artemas Nicoll Cowley
David Favre
Joey Gold
Louis Irvine
Molly Branston
Sophie Dutton
Thierry Tomas
Martha Berkmann
Darmonelle Johnson
Joy Adeogun
Kate Butler

Director Beth Shouler
Assistant Director Beth Kapila
Stage Manager Georgia Tetlow
Movement Director Rose Ryan
Producer Ross Crosby
Sound Designer Drew Baumohl
Lighting Philip Burke
Design Conslutant Kate Bunce 

Rhianna Moritz
Franziska Haberlach
Lao Lee
Lucy Shafi
Samantha Richards
Brandon Grace
Tony Kay
Sophia Jade O'Donohue
Charlotte Blake
Arysha Kelly
Daniel Spencer-Todd
Ben Quashie
Nikhil Vyas
Yohanna Ephrem
Ashley Rose

Director Beth Shouler
Assistant Director Beth Kapila
Stage Manager Georgia Tetlow
Movement Director Kane Husbands
Producer Ross Crosby
Sound Designer Drew Baumohl
Lighting Philip Burke
Design Conslutant Kate Bunce