Reimagining Ink

In the summer of 2017 Director Bea Holland and Writer Michael Bryher collaborated with 27 students from City of London Academy Highbury Grove to create an imaginative response to Rupert Goold’s production of Ink.

"Making A Reimagining of Ink in 6 weeks with a group of students from Highbury Grove School was an exciting and challenging task. I knew we’d have no time to spare but I didn’t want to go into rehearsals with a set idea of what the end product would be. My job was to introduce this wonderful group of young people to the themes and ideas from the play (the students won’t see Ink until after their performance) and discover what they latched on to, what was interesting and relevant to them. With the invaluable presence and brain of dramaturg Michael Bryher we responded to the students and started collaborating on what might be interesting theatrically. In many ways it is a response to a response to a response…..

We began by asking a series of questions through different games and conversations which included: How do you form your view of the world? How do you define your influences and tastes, How ruthless or compromised can an individual become?  How far are you prepared to go to get what you want? What is the responsibility of the individual and the collective? What do the “the people” want? What does the next generation demand? What makes a good story?

We went on to explore different story telling techniques and the notion of “truth” in a story. What is “truth”?  How many perspectives or “truths” can there be? What is our responsibility as story tellers? How far can we move away from the truth?

We then started looking at stories in the press, particularly stories about missing persons and one story turned out to be very familiar. The truth? We’ll leave it up to you to decide."

Bea Holland, Director

"I particularly liked the way the script was crafted from their words and how they were able to interact with the set. It all came together beautifully. For me the highlight was seeing those who haven’t taken the opportunity to perform before shine so brightly on stage."

Teacher, City of London Academy Highbury Grove